Crowdfunding is the future of how people will raise money to start or expand their business. In the Spring of 2012 Congress passed and the president signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act. Title III of the JOBS Act legalized crowdfunding for small businesses. This innovative new way to raise money bypasses traditional funding schemes that can be overly burdensome and expensive and allows your idea to be tested by the wisdom of the crowd. This will revolutionize the business-funding model and give you the power to capitalize your business instead of lawyers and investment bankers.

Jossey PLLC is leading the way in this brand new area of law. It’s constantly updated blog at serves as reservoir of information for all aspect of the new law.

For a flat fee Jossey PLLC can get your business ideas funded through this innovative new mechanism. We handle all paperwork, compliance, and legal issues with the Securities and Exchange Commission until your business is in the portal, selling shares, and funding your ideas.